Lisa Ann de Garcia

Help your child to be less anxious and thrive at home and school.

Top Strategies to Reduce Your Child's Anxiety Now!

There is a way to finally help children struggling with anxiety.

If you have kids, this is for you!

I created this mini-course because I see so many children and families who are unnecessarily struggling with anxiety and other mood disorders.

My mission is to help you and your loved ones have calm and happy lives by sharing best practices, tips, and tricks I've learned through my own research and experience.

Sign up today and I'll share with you:

•Major root cases of anxiety

•Key elements needed for a healthy brain

•How toxins and foods affect brain health

•Simple changes you can make in your environment and daily routine

•Strategies to balance minerals and the autonomic nervous system for a more relaxed mind

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Lisa Ann de Garcia Is the founder of Whole Child Learning and Wellness, an educational and wellness center focusing on children who struggle with learning, behavior and motor issues. As a former educator/learning specialist of 25 years and a mother of an adult child with autism, she has learned a plethora of modalities that she blends in order to serve the needs of the whole child, including developmental mathematics, neurodevelopment, functional neurology, cognitive training, nutritional support, and energetic balancing.

In addition to working privately with families, Lisa Ann also teaches workshops and courses to parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with struggling children.

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